Dear Customer,

“If you are arriving AFTER HOURS (especially when the Reception has closed), you will need to send us images of your ID/ Passport (to verify Identity) and Credit card (to prevent fraud) to either our registered
Mobile Phone number 0425 736 826 or Email :

Please email us, phone us, or make contact with us as soon as possible so we could have sufficient time to obtain your ID and Credit card images from you before your arrival.

— Alston Apartment Hotel


Once we have obtained the required images, we will send you a text message to your mobile phone which details your “SELF- CHECK IN” instruction. The Text will either be send to your mobile number or email address (if you are an overseas guest). If you are an Overseas Guests coming to this establishment (Carlton, Melbourne) and has no intention to purchase a local Sim card in the airport, please make contact with us (phone call preferable) as soon as possible so we can arrange the necessary ID and credit card details from you. Once the required information is obtained, we will EMAIL you the SELF CHECK-IN instruction. The SELF CHECK-IN instruction will detail the security pin code for the Front Entrance, your room number, and location to collect your Arrival Card (in which your room pin is given). For your peace of mind, we have a 24/7 Customer Support Services to answer your after hours inquiries should you have any issues.

However, in the case of CHECKING IN at night and after hours, the ideal scenario would be that we obtained those ID & Credit Card information from you a few days prior to your late arrival and you receiving your SELF CHECK IN instruction text/ email from us without having to call us at night on the day of your arrival. We will do the proper Check In procedure.

For Your attention Thank You.